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Management through
Disciplined Investing

Our strategies add value in a framework of risk management throughout the investment process. We identify specific, appropriate client objectives and constraints through a collaborative process with each client.



Think of us as your strategic investment partner. After decades of serving institutional clients, we understand your needs and challenges.



We help you serve your clients’ best interests. From cash management to portfolios, we offer separate account solutions designed to suit the needs of your clients.

33 Year History



33 Year History



Over $20 BILLION  in Managed Assets

Our singular focus since 1988 has been to provide investment solutions to public agencies, institutions, & other risk-conscious clients through the management of high-quality fixed income portfolios.

Our clients benefit from our disciplined, repeatable process and exceptional standard of care.

Creating Value & Managing Risk

We believe active management of fixed income portfolios using robust quantitative analysis and qualitative insights can provide superior risk-adjusted returns across market cycles. The goal of Chandler’s investment process is to develop an Optimal Portfolio we expect to exceed benchmark returns over a range of market conditions without the assumption of undue risk.

Preservation of capital is often the top priority of our clients. Therefore, we place a premium on managing risk for all clients. We believe our conservative, risk-averse approach to fixed income management results in portfolios that preserve principal, reduce volatility and enhance income.

The Key Elements of our process are the primary value drivers and represent the relationship between market forces, client needs, and the tools and resources we contribute to help our clients establish and maintain their portfolios.

Key elements of our approach

Duration Management

We practice active duration management in client portfolios to reduce sensitivity to changes in interest rates. Managing portfolios within a narrow band of the benchmark duration allows Chandler to potentially enhance portfolio returns by making slight adjustments to the portfolio duration over market cycles while remaining disciplined and controlling portfolio exposure to interest rate risk.

Key elements of our approach

Term Structure

The term structure for the portfolio is determined with the objective of prioritizing the protection of principal while taking advantage of opportunities to enhance portfolio returns in a market environment with both anticipated and unanticipated yield curve shifts over an investment horizon. We adjust the placement of investments along the yield curve to emphasize the areas with the greatest potential for excess returns.

Key elements of our approach

Sector Allocation

Chandler allocates client portfolios across asset classes we believe will provide the best opportunity for enhanced returns while protecting the portfolio against undue risk. The allocation process entails over-weighting sectors that we believe offer greater potential return opportunity based on our detailed analysis of current market conditions. We believe our experienced investment team adds considerable value through sector rotation by identifying opportunities in the market as both financial market conditions and the outlook evolves.

Key elements of our approach

Security Selection

Chandler’s security selection process employs rigorous quantitative and qualitative tools to determine relative value among individual securities. The investment team employs sophisticated quantitative methods to ensure we purchase securities that we believe have good value along with characteristics to achieve the goals of the investment strategy. Chandler’s substantial asset base that our clients have entrusted to us and our experienced team enables us to transact in many areas of the fixed income markets while garnering influence in the market due to our large scale. Chandler’s credit process enables us to purchase only the securities of issues that meet our stringent credit criteria as well as early detection of weak and deteriorating credits. This process points to issuers that may be undervalued and offer the greatest potential for risk-adjusted returns to achieve our client’s goals.

Dedicated to Providing Superior Service and Performance

We are a client-centered organization, founded on the principle of providing superior client service and is built that way from the ground up since our formation in 1988. We believe every successful investment management relationship is anchored by an in-depth understanding of each client’s specific objectives and risk preferences. This understanding is key to achieving consistent, long-term results without the assumption of undue risk.

Since clients have differing objectives and constraints, we manage each portfolio separately. By employing this individualized investment approach, we serve as a true partner who works in collaboration with our clients to achieve their long-term goals. Our mission statement affirms our commitment to “earn the trust of every client, every day”.