We believe economic growth is poised to accelerate meaningfully in the current quarter as vaccine distribution becomes more widespread in the US amid an ongoing backdrop of robust fiscal support, low interest rates, and accommodative monetary policy. The vaccine rollout has been faster than expected and roughly 20% of the US population is now fully vaccinated, and more than one third has received at least one dose. Meanwhile, robust fiscal spending along with the Federal Reserve’s highly accommodative monetary policy continues to provide support for the economy and financial markets. Last month, President Biden signed a $1.9 trillion fiscal relief plan (bringing the total amount of pandemic-related fiscal relief legislation in the last year to about $5.5 trillion) and at then end of March he unveiled a $2.3 trillion infrastructure spending proposal. We expect some version of an infrastructure spending bill to come to fruition later this year. Estimates for US gross domestic product (GDP) growth this year continue to migrate higher. The current Bloomberg consensus estimate for 2021 US GDP growth is now 6.2%.